A . Why This is Safe

1. Credit Card Encryption

Our shop site is protected using SSL encryption.

Your credit card number is encrypted using the latest technology so that there is no danger of anyone else reading it. Your credit card transaction will in most cases be cleared in seconds through our secure server. Modern encryption methods make online transactions safer than giving your credit card to a store clerk.

2. Download Guarantee

If your downloaded data is lost at anytime due to computer malfunction or any other reason, you can download it again whenever you need to.

3. We're here for you!

If you have any problems or questions at any time during the order process, or afterwards, we are always ready to help. Just send an e-mail to usermailATinfinisys.co.jp (Replace the AT with the at mark). You can also fax us on +81 (Japan country code) -22-391-0761.

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This is a secure site utilizing SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and Comodo authorization. Credit card authorization is carried out automatically by Veritrans.