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box image After Dark X + Fish Online version (Serial Number)
After Dark screen savers for Mac OS X. "After Dark X + Fish" uses the built-in OS X screensaver engine, so you don't have to worry about your screensaver crashing your system anymore."After Dark X + Fish" makes full use of the power of Open GL to provide fascinating screensaver displays on your screen. Most of the modules use Open GL's 3D environment to give a variety of angles and views for each graphic display.
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OS : Mac OS 10.04 or higher (OS 10.1.5 or higher recommended) | CPU : G3 or faster:Does not work on Intel Macs | Memory : Minimum of 128 Megabytes

cautionOn receipt of your order, and after your credit card has been approved (usually within a few minutes) a serial number and password will be sent to you via e-mail. Use the serial number and password to convert the free download demonstration version (Click here to download)to a full-working version.

Product Code Product OS Price Quantity
8799 After Dark X + Fish Online version (Serial Number) Macintosh $5.00US

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